Symposium Urban studies in education and research

15./16. November 2018 at the TU Dresden

What is it all about?

The world is facing considerable global challenges related to urbanisation. More than half of the global population already lives in cities and the trend towards urban growth – whether planned or informal – seems to continue. Goal 11 of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development
Goals is to "Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable" while the New Urban Agenda/Habitat III provides a framework for such an urban development as well as urban landscapes of the future. But what does this mean for education and research? Do we need innovative formats for communication and instruction? Which emerging research topics can be identified?

An international symposium to be held on 15 and 16 of November 2018 at the TU Dresden together with IOER will address these challenges of global urbanisation and will translate new requirements, ideas and creative solutions to the level of university education and future research agendas. Architects, landscape architects, urban designers and city planners will provide impulses for a comprehensive discussion, which will be taken up and analysed more closely in workshops.

The English-language symposium will be a platform for a professional exchange on "Urban Studies in Education and Research" and on the design and development of urban living space. In the framework of the symposium, it is planned to establish network structures for further cooperation. The aim is to identify common interests and key areas with strategic international partners – TU Delft, CTU Prague, Wrocław University and beyond – by means of diverse lecture, discussion and working formats and thus lay the foundation for future projects.

Through the consolidation of architectural education in Dresden, the Institute of Urban and Regional Planning (in future: Institute of Urbanism and Urban Studies) will expand from 1 September 2018 to include four professorships. The associated adjustment gives us the opportunity to discuss and redefine positions and goals of the institute's academic work and profile.