Symposium Urban studies in education and research

15./16. November 2018 at the TU Dresden



Welcoming Note
Prof. Hans Georg Krauthäuser (Vice Rector of TU Dresdenand Prof. Wolfgang Wende (Chair Urban Development TU Dresden / IOER)


Plenary Session Presentations  I  Focus on Teaching (Chair Wolfgang Wende)

Teaching: The landscape architectonic approach at TU Delft (Inge Bobbink - TU Delft)

Teaching: On urbanism and environment teaching in the 1980s at CTU Prague (Irena Fialova - CTU Praque)

Teaching: Stroll’n’Draw as Ultimate Design: Let Us Augment Lucius Burghardt’s Concept of Strollology with Analytical On-Site Drawings to Foster Conceptional Representations that Suggest Environmental Wiggle Room (Niels-Christian Fritsche - TU Dresden)

Teaching: Chances for Urbanism Education – Discussions about the future change of goals, tasks, students and didactics at western (European) schools of urbanism (Marco Lub - TU Delft)

Teaching: How to teach Urban Design (Angela Mensing-de Jong - TU Dresden)





Plenary Session Presentations  I  Focus on Research (Chair Angela Mensing-de Jong)

Research: Towards a co-production of urban space (Melanie Humann - TU Dresden)

Research: Urban Design on Faculty of Architecture of CTU in Prague (Jan Jehlik - CTU Praque)

Research: The phenomenon of spontaneity in an urban realm - Recognition, Understanding and Interpretations (Igor Noev - Polytechnical University Milano)

Research: Post - war single family settlements from Polish Cities - analysis of their urban planning and present state (Elżbieta Przesmycka and Zuzanna Napieralska - Wroclaw University)


Lunch Break


Workshops parallel

Informal Settlements and Structures
Coordinator: Igor Noev, Polytechnical University Milano 

Constructive Exceptionality | The Interplay of Agency and Structure in Constituting Zaatari’s Market Street, Al-Souq (Sara Al-Nassir - Dresden Leibniz Graduate School) [short impulse presentation]

Highest Altitude Cities – coevolution of risk and urbanisation in the Indian Himalayas: a case of Almora (Neelakshi Joshi - Dresden Leibniz Graduate School) [short impulse presentation]

Field Research in Karail Basti (Louisa Valeska Scherer - Habitat Forum Berlin / Technische Universität Berlin) [short impulse presentation]

New [URBAN] Primitive: Living in Manila North Cemetery (John Martin Tubles - Technische Universität Dresden) [short impulse presentation]

Coordinator: Marco Lub, TU Delft, tbc

A systems based participatory approach for managing flood resilience (Nakul Nitin Gote - Technische Universität Dresden) [short impulse presentation]

Cities and War, post war Rebuild of Syria (Fatina Kourdi - Technische Universität Dresden) [short impulse presentation]

Maintenance of Neighborhood Parks: Perspectives from Resident Welfare Associations in East Delhi, India (Shikha Ranjha - DLGS & Technische Universität Dresden) [short impulse presentation]

Experiences from research in cooperation with practice: Online/Offline participation of young people in rural areas in planning processes (Alexandra Terhorst - Research Institute for Regional and Urban Development gGmbH, Sandra Luisa Moschner) [short impulse presentation] 

Elements of the City: Towards understanding urban spaces as systems (David Hick - Technische Universität Dresden, Adam Urban, Joerg Rainer Noennig) [short impulse presentation]

Urban Commons/Public Space
Coordinator: Melanie Humann, TU Dresden

Urban Gardening: Local Initiative Meets a Global Trend - The potential of urban community gardens for informal areas: What we can learn from the global north experiences (Anna Görner - Centre for International Postgraduate Studies in Environmental Management (CIPSEM), Alexandra Aguiar Pedro, Andre Lindner, Wolfgang Wende) [POSTER] 

Urbanize collectively (Julia Köpper - Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover, Agnes Müller) [short impulse presentation]

Urban Socio-Political Public Space: Dilemmas of Tehran’s Enqelab Political District (Seyedparham Mortazavian - Technische Universität Berlin) [POSTER]

Coordinators: Wolfgang Wende, TU Dresden, Nikolai Bobylev, St. Petersburg State University

Three Dimensional Urbanisation – Translating Research and Policy to Education at a Master Level (Nikolai Bobylev - Saint Petersburg State University, Wolfgang Wende) [short impulse presentation]

Nature based solutions: The planning framework, implementation and good practice of urban Green Infrastructure in Germany and China (Tinghao Hu - China University of Mining and Technology, Jiang Chang, Ralf-Uwe Syrbe) [short impulse presentation]

The Application of the Sponge City Concept In Jamaica (Winston Quest - IOER) [short impulse presentation]

Edible cities – urban food supply as an emerging research idea to address societal challenges of urbanization? (Katharina Sartison - IOER, Martina Artmann) [short impulse presentation]

Light pollution in German Landscape Planning (Maria Zschorn - Technische Universität Dresden) [short impulse presentation]

Teaching: Mapping, Graphics and Perception
Coordinator: Niels-Christian Fritsche, TU Dresden

On perception: Interpreting student's graphic material through image tagging and data management (Jesús López Baeza - University of Alicante, José Carrasco Hortal) [short impulse presentation]

 iSCOR Interdisciplinary Studio for Communicational and Observation Research - A multidisciplinary research and teaching platform elaborating new tools and methodologies for sustainable urbanism (Olaf Mumm - Technische Universität Braunschweig, Elena Stasewitsch) [short impulse presentation]

Interdisciplinary Inquiries: How mapping becomes a tool of exchange and joint spatial displays – A Master Research Studio on Invisible Housing (Emily Kelling - Technical University Berlin, Dagmar Pelger) [short impulse presentation]

Mapping Spatial Commons: An investigative Method for understanding the preconditions for collectively coordinated spatial (re-)production (Martha Wegewitz - Technical University Berlin, Paul Klever, Steffen Klotz, Anna Heilgemeir) [short impulse presentation]

Teaching: Interdisciplinary Methods and New Concepts
Coordinators: Irena Fialova, CTU Prague and Angela Mensing de Jong, TU Dresden

Spatial creation of the urban plot (Franziska Kramer - RWTH Aachen) [short impulse presentation]

Urban Design Seminar: Academic Knowledge Supporting Practical Design (Jana Zdrahalova - Czech Technical University Prague) [short impulse presentation]

Implementation study of a multi-year process of urban development, inspired by the German process of International BauAusstellung (IBA), in the Strasbourg metropolitan area (Tristan Siebert - École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Strasbourg) [short impulse presentation]

Care based design methodologies. Or how to perform some of the results of Sophie Calle’s artwork 2Take Care" (Jose Carrasco - University of Alicante) [POSTER]


Wrap Up of Workshop results in the overall plenary




Key Note:
Inversion and subtraction in urban design (Kees Christiaanse, KCAP)






Internal Meeting and Workshop - Symposium Follow Up (Chair Melanie Humann; on invitation only / at Zellescher Weg 17, Room B006 Ground Floor, TU Dresden)